Tuesday, May 1, 2018

A strange suitcase

An unusual suitcase was taken into the office last week. We wondered whose it could be. It looked quite old. We had a dilemma about whether we should open it or not, as we didn't know who it belonged to. Some children thought we should open it, giving great reasons. Others thought we shouldn't, with equally good reasons. 

We thought about what the suitcase would say if it could speak. It was worried, lonely and wanted to find its owner!

After a decision alley, the majority of children decided that it should be opened. 

We found some curious things inside! 

Poppy read out a letter, from someone called Florence.

There was an old map. Bailey knew it was of Europe. 

There were aprons - like the Victorians wore.

There was a funny word on a piece of cloth. It said Scutari. We wondered what that meant. Bailey realised it was on his map!

There was a lamp!

Now we need to become history investigators to link the clues!

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